Below are some pointers on what Fullpint.com is all about. If something still isn't clear, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer your query.


How are the pubs rated?
Currently, pubs are rated from 1 to 5. Previously pubs were rated between one and nine, but in February 2013 we switched to a rating out of five. We did this for two reasons, firstly to align ourselves with Google's 5 star rating, and secondly to make the ratings clearer.

The ratings can be thought of like this:
5: The best. A pub you wish was your local, good beer, good landlord, great service every time.
4: Damn decent, somewhere you'd go back to and would recommend to everyone.
3: Still a standard pub but they're doing everything right.
2: Your basic, standard pub. The toilets are probably a bit dirty and the whole thing needs a bit of TLC.
1: Hey, it's a pub!

How do you decide on your rating?
Each Fullpint reviewer or member of the public can give a score from 1 to 5. These are then averaged to get the overall rating. The more reviews a pub has, then the more accurate the score should be. Or at least that's the theory. We appreciate that everyone has an off day and we'll account for this in our reviews, and we'll also try and visit the pub again if we think we saw it on a particularly bad day, e.g. if there was a football match on and it was full of drunken men, or if the delivery hadn't turned up.

I've seen pubs with a higher rating than those in the top 10. Why?
To get in to our charts pubs must have more than one review, otherwise they'd all just be scored as 5. As we have only recently added the public, only 2 reviews are needed to be in the chart. As we get more reviews, we'll adjust this number to keep the chart an accurate reflection of what people are talking about.

I think a pub is better/worse than your rating.
If you haven't registered then please do so, add your views, and your rating will be included in the average. If you still don't agree, that's just hard luck. However, if you are a landlord and there is a factual error, or the pub has changed hands since our visit, please contact us.

About our reviews

Reviewing guidelines
- Please make only factual comments.
Saying service was slow, the food was cold and the beer was flat is fine (if true!). Saying things like the landlord is a fat bastard (even if technically correct) is not allowed.

- Please do not make allegations of illegal activity.
This isn't really the place for that. Try the police instead.

- Justify your comments
Don't just slag a place off (or praise it to the heavens) without some justification. The reason you loathed a place might the exact reason someone else will love it, so provide as much info as you can. Also, landlords will see your comments and might be able to improve something.

- Be original
If you aren't bringing anything new to the party, please resist the urge to share your ramblings with the world.

- Try to give an accurate score
Just because they got your order wrong doesn't detract from the fact that it's a 17th Century coaching in with spectacular views, so awarding a 1 might not be that fair. Remember we're trying to get an overall score taking into account, but not limited to, Staff alertness and friendliness, queue time, other clientele, atmosphere, value for money, location, food quality, architecture, history, etc etc etc

- And remember
We reserve the right to remove or edit your review. And we might also lock your account if you're troublesome.

I've seen something in a review that is wrong or offensive.
Firstly, please accept our apologies. We don't get to read every review before it appears on the site and sometimes some things slip through. Please contact us with the details and we'll see what we can do.

What are the archived reviews?
If a pub changes significantly, e.g, name, ownership or focus, we will archive the previous reviews so that they do not count towards the rating of the 'new' pub. However, we do preserve the text and rating so you can see how the pub has changed over time.

About our pub listings

We currently store the following information about the pubs and bars:

Venue type
Pub A pub - Traditional British venue, or as close as you can get to it. Think cats on stools, darts etc. A dying breed.
Bar A bar - Bottled beers, cocktails, trendy music and men with aftershave in the toilets.
Gastro A gastro pub - Not just pubs like The Eagle, but any venue that has a dining room or refers to itself as a 'kitchen'. You'll probably find a blackboard on the wall listing out the wine or food, exposed iron work and mismatched furniture.

Garden Outside seating - hopefully a nice garden, but in the middle of a big city could also be a roof garden or chairs on the pavement. We'll usually only accept year round availability.
Food Food available - they sell food.
Open Late Open late - regularly open late, not just for special occasions.
Dart board Dart board
Pool table Pool table
Table football Table football
Area for hire Area to hire - An area can be reserved free of charge.
Gay Gay
Wifi Free wifi - Must be the pub's own, BTOpenZone, The Cloud etc do not count.

We try to keep listings up to date, but if there is something listed that is crucial to you choosing a certain pub, e.g. a dart board, we suggest you always phone ahead to double check. If you find an error in our listings please contact us.