The Black Horse Inn

70 Rainhill Road, Rainhill, Merseyside, L35 4PF.
Tel: (0151) 426 4195
The Black Horse Inn

Reviews of The Black Horse Inn

User (Averaging 1 from 1 reviews)
6th Feb 2011 - I went there last week and ordered a “steak” and onion baquette. After 10 minutes chewing one of a few tiny slices of rubber “steak” on a half-loaf size baquette (quantity over quality?) I gave it up as being completely inedible.
I tried to catch the Maitre d’s attention but, she avoided me after realising I was not happy with this. I then
explained to the waitress that the “steak” was inedible;
and she simply said, “Ok, I’ll tell them” and took it away back to the swill-bin it belonged. What was most
annoying was that they just ignored this and didn’t
even have the grace to offer a replacement, refund, voucher nor apology...Never again!
Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
5th Jan 2010 - A tarted up old boozer that serves buffet food (think BHS in the 1980s) except that they make you order from a menu, bring it to your table and pretend it is freshly prepared. Ok ok it probably is freshly prepared, but not in the restaurant sense. It's perennially sold out of various items and specialises in warm white wine. The Black Horse is the only pub of it's type in the immediate area and I think it is lazy and resting on it's laurels due to lack of competition. Having said all that it really is ok for a group of friends to go for a cheap ok meal and a good time, but it could do better.
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PubIt's a pub

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