The Lamb Beer & Liqour

54 Holloway Road, Highbury And Islingt, London, N7 8JL.
Tel: (0207) 609 9574
The Lamb Beer & Liqour

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12th Jun 2013 - Another pub on my to do list for a while (yes its a real list). It has hosted a few events and stuff that I have fancied but not made it to. They are currently promoting a grasstonbury event which is basically a bunch of bands and some drinks. Genius idea for a pub. Its an indoor pub glastonbury minus trendy wellies (I hope as I do fancy coming and I dont have wellies). The beer selection was good and had plenty of local options as well as a few from further afield. The pub itself is very basic. Its been stripped down to the floorboards and is a nic nack free zone. The windows across the front made the front a nice place to sit and despite it being a friday night I did manage to get a seat. All seemed very relaxed and cool and a few 90s indy classics were playing. Very good pub which sadly isn't open during my lunch hour. Hopefully I'll be back soon. Great Pub which sadly I do not have adequate words for. OOO the service was good to. Almost forgot to say that which would have been rude. And no I don't know why the pub sign is jesus holding a lamb. Im assuming its jesus it could just be a look alike in a big hat
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