The Albion

10 Thornhill Road, Barnsbury, London, N1 1HW.
Tel: (0207) 700 2598
The Albion

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Staff (Averaging 3.3 from 56 reviews)
4th May 2012 - I cycle past the Albion on the way to work. It is on a very quiet street overlooking a park and for months I have been meaning to call in for a drink. It looks like the perfect place to stop for well deserved pint on the way home during the summer.
I finally visited the place but in a suit and on a day where sitting outside was for the bravest only (and the smokers). The pub was a disappointment to say the least. After pushing through the bodies that blocked the way to the bar, and waiting for a short time to be served (nothing horrendous), we ordered two pints of bitter. The barman, during the entire transaction, only said two words: eight pounds. The price would have been easier to take if he had attempted to engage us in some sort of conversation, but his inability to even ask us what we wanted set us off to a bad start.
The good tables were reserved with no indication of when the people were expected (so we couldn't take a decent table for 20 minutes as we had our single drink), and we ended up sat near to the toilets. I ordered a bar snack, a decent sized sausage roll for £3.50. It was, to my surprise, incredibly good.
The Albion falls in to the horrible category of neither being one thing nor the other. It isn't a pub and and it isn't a restaurant, and whilst it's clearly in the Gastro Pub area, I felt unwelcome throughout the experience and would rather spend my money on food in a proper restaurant.
It does have a very large outside area at the back (and pleasant seating at the front) and I am very reliably informed that the food is incredibly good. Unfortunately, for me, it was just an unpleasant place to be.
I will return on a summers evening when I am cycling home and see how it is then.
Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
4th May 2012 - Largely agreeing with the previous review, which is no surprise seeing as we were there together. The pub is gorgeous and the location is amazing. I would be happy living on this street with that view, but I would be disappointed with my 'local'. I must state that I have only been once, and we might have been unfortunate, but just about everyone in there fell into the 'twunt' category. No one moves to let you through, people block the bar and the door. Maybe our faces weren't known, but our fellow drinkers were basically rude. And the service was poor. Out of fairness I will visit again soon.
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