Callooh Callay

65 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AY.
Tel: (0207) 739 4781
Callooh Callay

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7th Jun 2012 - Assumedly taking its name from Jabberwocky, Callooh Callay is probably THE cocktail bar in Shoreditch. It's three bars, a public walk in bar, a reservations only back bar, and a secret member's only bar upstairs.

The walk in bar is just that, as long as there is room you can walk in and get a kick ass cocktail. If you can, grab a stool by the bar and watch the guys in action. Don't look confused when they hand you a cassette case, it's the menu. If nothing there takes your fancy, tell them what you like and they'll think of something.

The back bar, accessed via a large wardrobe door (a la Narnia) is reservation only and we didn't get to see much of it except for the odd glance in. Go there a few times, appear knowledgable about booze, and you might get lucky and be given a key to Jubjub (again Jabberwocky, not The Simpsons iguana) the member's only bar. Knowledge of booze is the only criterion, and each week a guest bartender changes the menu. Sounds great, but not yet got a key!
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