87 Muswell Hill Broadway, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3HA.
Tel: (0208) 883 7382

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User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
20th Jun 2012 - I was invited to an O'Neills and given very little option to reject so I travelled for nearly 2 hours to reach this place and it wasn't nearly as bad as my imagination had err imagined. Its a big old church and by big I mean humungous. It had balconies all round the sides and a few alcoves here and there. It was all wood with some traditional irish pub tat that is only found in english irish pubs, not in Ireland. Sports screens were dotted about the place but due to the size of the room they weren't too in your face. The food my companions ordered (not the famous five) looked pretty nice and its not often I say that about salad. The beer options were fairly limited but the Doombar I had was the best Doombar I have had in a while. After a couple I decided to find the toilet despite not needing it but due to the distances involved I did by the time I got there. As evening dawned an irish band began playing and whilst it looked like they were playing to nobody there was probably 200 people in the giant room. All had tables and most were paying no attention to the average band. A not bad chain bar pub a me bob.
Staff (Averaging 3.2 from 238 reviews)
24th Apr 2005 - This pub was only opened a few years back, when a shabby church was cleaned up. Walking past it you would have seen a group of homeless people sitting in its pigeon-pooped doorway. Nowadays there's usually a couple of bouncers and a few teenagers hanging around. The interior is definitely worth seeing - huge arched ceiling and stained glass windows. Other than that it's a typical O'Neills as far as drinks and customers go.
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