The Blue Posts

6 Bennet Street, Green Park, London, SW1A 1RP.
Tel: (0207) 493 3350
The Blue Posts

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5th Sep 2012 - A pub in a pretty posh area of central london which is a bit let down by poor service and a tv showing far too loudly. Its a very touristy pub due to the area it is in just by the Ritz. Standard pub menu was at least complimented by an ok drink selection. They had however run out of the meantime draft and despite me pointing at the bottle of meantime I wanted insisted they didn't do it in a bottle. Ok then I will have that bottle there with Meantime written on it. Looked at us like we were crazy despite the fact it had taken the 4 staff 10 minutes to get round to serving us. Of the 4 in question only 1 was serving some muppet ordering a million drinks as slowly as possible and even paying by card. Arse. The other 3 were mostly chewing their finger nails and picking their underpants out of their arse cracks. The most useful part of the pub was the toilet. Although the cubicle had no lock so s**tting was out f the question sadly.

Also on a few of the occasions I've been here lots of knobends have been dressed as wheres wally and other equally s**te costumes, so beware its a stag do pub crawl venue.
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