The Livery

130 Wood Street, The City, London, EC2V 6DL.
Tel: (0207) 600 9624
The Livery

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Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
18th Apr 2006 - For a bar, and considering I don't really like bars, this place is surprisingly ok. I can't quite put my finger on why that is. Maybe it's because it's unique for the area, there is nothing like this around this part of the city. The food is good, the cheese boards particularly so and the table service is also good.

The ground floor is long and thin with a small outdoor area by the entrance, and just inside the door are American stlye semi circular booths that sit about 6 people.

Once past the booths, down to the left is an area they call the Den, which is available to reserve and looks ideal for 30 people. There is a plasma screen there too, maybe a good place to watch some footy if they'll put it on. The only bad bit about the den is that you have to walk through it to access the toilets, so your private party is not so private. There is also an upstairs bit that I've not managed to go to yet. All in all, much much much better than the One of 2 that used to be here.
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BarIt's a bar

GardenOutside seating

FoodFood available

Open LateOpen late

Area for hireArea to hire

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