Island Queen

87 Noel Road, Islington, London, N1 8HD.
Tel: (0207) 704 7631
Island Queen

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User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
24th Jul 2012 - I had read a few very negative reviews about the service in here so I wanted to give it a try so I dragged a friend along expecting to prepare a great winging review. I was disappointed as I was being served before I even made it to the bar and when I asked for a second the smiled and waited. I ordered the ale and the service was speedy even with my retarded friend umming and arring about what to have. Not sure if arring is a word but its staying in. This was a busy and very pretty traditional feeling pub and I will happily come back. The service was excellent for everyone at the bar. I picked a seat where I could keep an eye and wait for it all too kick off. Nice pub nice beer nice service. And if i remember correctly it had a last orders bell which I haven't seen or heard in years.

I have just been back for a well earned second visit and the service was not quite so special and in my uncles words at the time "they need a rough edge poker up there arse". That may be a little over the top as it was still a nice pub just with some slightly moody staff.
Staff (Averaging 2.9 from 238 reviews)
26th May 2006 - Off the beaten track near Angel. Gastro-style food but not quite, and a good selection of beers and pleasant enough.
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