The Horseshoe Inn

26 Melior Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 3QP.
Tel: (0207) 403 6364
The Horseshoe Inn

Reviews of The Horseshoe Inn

Staff (Averaging 2.9 from 238 reviews)
19th Oct 2007 - On first sight the Horseshoe Inn has everything going for it; lovely building, on a quiet street and a generally relaxed appearance. Unfortunately things go downhill from there. The bar inside is incongruous, the menu lacking and on the whole underwhelming. It could be worse, but should be alot better.
Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
19th Oct 2007 - Basically, this place is confused. From the outside, it looks like a class A, grade 1, top quality boozer. Venturing inside somewhat shatters that illusion. There is a dart board, which is an excellent sign but something of a red herring. The furniture is a bit too Ikea, and the feel of the place just isn't right. Imagine, if you will, taking a normal pub, an All Bar One and a Cafe Bar. Mix them up, shake them around cocktail style, and this pub is the result. In it's favour are the outside area, the garden/patio out back and also the fact it's hidden far enough away from London Bridge to avoid the post work masses. A few more visitis and I'm sure it will grow on me, but for now an average 5.
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PubIt's a pub

GardenOutside seating

FoodFood available

Dart boardDart board

Area for hireArea to hire

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