The Earl Of Essex

25 Danbury Street, Angel, London, N1 8LE.
Tel: (0207) 226 3608
The Earl Of Essex

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User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
28th Jan 2013 - This is a proper beer pub. Its got a great selection of beer and is going to be brewing its own once they have fixed the tanky thing behind the bar. Im not very reliably informed by a regualar that they have a round pipe and a square hole for it to fit in. It was very busy for a Friday night back street pub. Its not an area you stumble upon you'd have to be looking for it. They had some great pictures on the wall and it was all very simply done. No extraneous tat that some pub companies feel is needed. The beer menu reminded me of the hymn selection at church. A large wooden board where the days beers are printed off and slide into a slot. As thats such an appalling description I suggest you either go see for yourself or look at the picture below it can just be made out in the background. As a man who likes his pubs a little quieter I think my next visit will be a saturday afternoon. The only warning I have is that a lot of the people in here on a Friday night are architects and therefore prone to talking a lot of bollocks. Still I suppose they have to go somewhere. Oh and before I forget it does have a nice beer garden at the back.
Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
4th Oct 2008 - Tucked away in the back streets of Angel, this pub caters well for the local residents. It never seems to be busy, which is a shame as it can't be too long before someone will want to turn it into a gastro. It's a bit smelly, but you get used to it, and there is a pool table and dart board for your entertainment.
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